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Celebrating .հայ: Pioneering Universal Acceptance for Armenian Domains and Emails

Recently, the Internet Society NGO organized an awareness event in Armenia to mark an anniversary of the .հայ domain and promote the Universal Acceptance (UA) movement. The event aimed to highlight global and local efforts within the UA framework, focusing on the progress and future steps for Armenian domain names and e-mail addresses.

Key Points:

  • The .հայ domain has been operational for eight years, and fully Armenian e-mail addresses have been in trial use since last year.

  • Newly created domains are safer and more secure, though Armenian password generation is still lacking in many systems.

  • Aram Verdyan emphasized the growing acceptance of addresses in national languages and the efforts to enhance the Armenian online presence.

  • Igor Mkrtumyan highlighted the collaboration with entities like ICANN to expand the .հայ domain.

  • Mher Yerznkanyan discussed the importance of Armenian open data for AI tools and the need to enrich the Armenian database with voice data.

  • Kristina Hakobyan stressed the collaboration with the Armenian Government to promote the .հայ domain and Armenia's pioneering role in the UA regional conference in 2023.

The UA movement, initiated by ICANN and supported by major companies like Google and Apple, aims to make non-Latin domains and e-mails universally acceptable and functional, thereby expanding Internet access and the Internet community.

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