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Celebrating Universal Acceptance Day 2024

On 28 March 2024, the digital world celebrated the second annual Universal Acceptance Day, a principle critical for ensuring all domain names and email addresses worked seamlessly across digital platforms, regardless of their script or format. Initiated by ICANN, this day was marked globally with around 50 events focused on raising awareness, technical training, and the development of academia curricula related to Universal Acceptance (UA). The main event took place in Belgrade, Serbia, hosted by the local ccTLD manager RNIDS, showcasing their management of the .rs TLD and an Internationalised Domain Name (IDN) top-level domain, .СРБ.

In a dialogue with EURid's Industry Relations Manager, Regina Filipová, Filipová explains the importance of Universal Acceptance (UA) and EURid's dedication to enhancing linguistic diversity in cyberspace via Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs). Despite the gradual adoption of IDNs, hindered by challenges in universal acceptance and existing technical constraints, EURid persistently advocated for broader awareness and the technical preparedness of registrars and end-users alike. Coinciding with the 8th anniversary of the .eu domain in Cyrillic and the celebration of Bulgarian language day, EURid's strategy underscored the economic and social advantages of attaining UA, highlighting its pivotal role in bridging global users with businesses and cultural traditions.

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