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UASG 2023 Universal Acceptance Activities Report

In 2023, Universal Acceptance (UA) marked a significant milestone, witnessing a surge in global support and engagement. Through local awareness campaigns, worldwide training sessions, and the inaugural UA Day, momentum for UA reached unprecedented heights.

To encapsulate the outreach and educational endeavors of the Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG), ICANN, and other stakeholders, a comprehensive UA Activities Report has been compiled. This report meticulously documents key initiatives, outreach endeavors, technical training efforts, publications, and the landmark UA Day event, all of which have collectively propelled the UA cause forward. Aligned with the objectives outlined in the previous year's Action Plan, the report not only celebrates the collaborative achievements between July 2022 and November 2023 but also provides insights on how individuals can contribute to the UASG's mission based on their respective roles, skills, and interests.

Highlighted in the UA Activities Report are:

  • Outreach and engagement initiatives led by ICANN, UASG, UA Local Initiatives, and UA Ambassadors

  • Technical training resources covering programming languages and email configuration

  • Publications aimed at fostering UA adoption

  • A recap of UA Day 2023 events

  • Community involvement in fostering an inclusive, multilingual Internet

This report serves as a valuable repository for the entire UA community and anyone seeking UA training materials or ways to engage in promoting UA.

To delve deeper into the UASG's plans and organizational framework, refer to the FY24 Action Plan.

For those interested in contributing to the UA cause, here's how you can get involved with the UASG:

The journey towards building a global, multilingual Internet requires collective effort. Heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to the UA Activities Report and to the entire UA community for their dedication in advancing an #Internet4All.

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